Yes. All boats on the INSTAYACHT platform meet the strictest international safety standards. We check that all boats coming on board fulfil all legal requirements to be seaworthy and captains who will drive you are fully qualified and experienced. We also require for extra safety features, as we do not allow boats to travel after sunset and before sunrise (only during day-light) and we do not rent-out boats without a captain (no ‘bareboat’). The Greek coast-guard is very well equipped and ready to act for any emergency.

The general rules of the sea dictate that you should follow the captain’s instructions. The captain is the chief of the vessel. So, pay attention to the instructions given by the captain when getting on board and whenever you have a question do not be afraid to ask. There is no such thing as stupid questions when on board! If you hear the boat’s chief, everything will be fine. Some examples of plain tips include that you should not consume alcohol or medication that will impair your ability to see and think; that it is strictly forbidden to jump in the sea when travelling; or that you should not swim if the weather is bad. Also, because in the boats we are usually barefoot, be careful with the slippery floor. It goes without saying that as INSTAYACHT only offers the possibility to rent a boat skippered, it is strictly forbidden for renters to navigate it. If done so, there is no insurance cover. Overall, sit tight, do not walk around without a reason when travelling, listen to your captain and all will be fine!
No. All safety equipment (e.g. lifejackets, GPS, VHF radio etc.) safety is on the boat
Although a common fear, it is actually quite rare that people get sea-sick on speed boats, motor-boats or rib. In case you usually get seasick you may ask the advice of your doctor or your pharmacist for appropriate medication. Besides medication, some easy tips which practice has proven that they really work are:
* eat something light before traveling; do not travel with an empty stomach but also do not eat a heavy, greasy and salty meal
* look far away
* do not read
* do not get in a cabin
* sit in the back(behind the skipper)
* sit straight and do not lie down
* stay busy
* breathe

General information

It is important to feel comfortable. It is advised to wear light clothes (your beachwear, flip-flops etc.). A hat and a sunscreen cream are never a bad idea during the summer in Greece. You might also need a light jumper during the ride, especially early morning or late afternoon hours when the sun is not as strong. For the rest, we advise not to wear clothes you do not wish to get wet; be ready to be sprayed with sea-water while travelling!
While you can of course carry your luggage, try to keep it simple. There is of course space in the boat but it is limited. If you have too many things better ask directly the owner of the boat you booked prior to your trip.
Also, pack some light food (e.g. crackers, sandwich etc.) and beverage (water, fruit juice, soda).
Currently most boats can pair your mobile device with their sound system. Check the facilities offered at each boat under the boat details we provide on our system.
After each booking and trip we will contact you through e-mail ask for your comments, rating and review of our service, the rented boat, your skipper and the overall experience.

Account Protection

You can pay for your INSTAYACHT rental boat-ride by PayPal, debit or credit card. If you choose to pay via credit or debit card, you’ll be happy to know that we accept Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro, Maestro UK and Discover.

All electronic payments to INSTAYACHT are done exclusively through PayPal and Braintree, a PayPal company. PayPal is one of the most reputable electronic payment providers worldwide.

Cancellation policy

It depends on the service booked and on the timing. For our detailed terms and conditions, providing also for cancellation and refund policy, please see here. In general, cancellation policy in boat rentals is universally rather strict due to the high business costs.
Once you book a ride through the ‘instant booking’ service and you pay, you have the possibility to cancel within 20 minutes and get back 70% of the rental price. If you cancel after 20 minutes, the payment is non-refundable.
For “request”/ “ask an offer” bookings, you may cancel and get a total refund 15 calendar days before the scheduled trip. No refund is available for cancellations beyond the 15 days.

More questions?

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