Oinousses is a barren cluster of 1 larger and 8 smaller islands some 2 kilometres (1 mile) off the north-east coast of the Greek island of Chios and 8 km (5 miles) west of Turkey. A protected area, included in the Natura 2000 Network, the Oinousses are full of beautiful small coves for swimming, beaches and desert islands.

Cruise around them and don’t miss to spend a night on one of their beaches and you will discover an idyllic natural wealth, virgin fishing grounds and enchanting depths that make up the panorama of the unexplored Aegean Sea.

The centre of the traditional settlement with its brick-roofed houses is dominated by the magnificent Church of St. Nicholas, the patron of seafarers.The Church is teeming with life on August 15 (Feast of Dormition), when the women of the Oinousses revive the religious custom of the burial of Virgin Mary.

The local cuisine brilliantly combines seafood with the islands’ tasty and healthy wild greens, as well as the rare mushrooms that grow during winter, and the delicious boureklikia, small pies filled with a variety of greens and cheeses.

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