Lefkada, is one in the group of the Eptanisa or “seven-islands” in the Ionian Sea in Western Greece. It is surrounded by nine satellite islands, including Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos, Madouri and Skorpios, the island of Aristotle Onassis family.

There are numerous attractions in Lefkada including plentiful natural beauties, historic sites, museums and monasteries, and most important must see of the Lefkas island include, Nydri, the mediaeval Venetian castle of Agia Mavra, the prehistorical city of Nirikos, Lefkata cape, the Monastery of Faneromeni,the most important religious centre of Lefkada!
There are a plenty of beautiful sandy beaches on the island, but the most popular include Porto Katsiki, 45km southwest of Lefkada town, near Lefkata cape, accessible by the 347 steps sloping of the mountain and Egremni Beach, located about 30km from Lefkada’s capital, surrounded by imposing cliffs.

Other notable beaches on the island include Kathisma, Agios Ioannis, Nydri, Ammoglossa and Poros Beach.

On the much less populated west coast, rugged cliffs, rocky shores and exposed beaches are a magnet for the more adventurous while Vassiliki, in the south, is a world class windsurfing centre.

Egremni beach

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