A breath from Lihada northern Evia and opposite Kamena Vourla, the area keeps the precious secret … the verdant isles of the blue, called Lihadonisia and throwing down the gauntlet in the Caribbean!

This impressive complex of islands, with green waters and white sand, was created after an earthquake thousands of years ago.

The larger islands are Strongili and Magnolias. A little smaller is the small Strongili, Steno and Vaya. Lihadonisia owe their name to the servant of Hercules, Lichas.

The myth tells how the wife of the Heracles Diianeira, thinking they are betrayed by her husband, sent him with a poisoned robe Lichas.  Mad with pain, Heracles grabbed the unfortunate Lichas and threw him in the sea.

The pieces fell around the cape Kinaio where Poseidon transformed them into small islands. Today these islands, the Lihadonisia, an ideal destination for day excursions and explorations. Access to Lihadonisia is only possible via boat (from Agios Georgios and Kavos respectively)

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