Elafonisi is the most exotic beach of Crete, 5 km from the Monastery of Chrysoskalitisa and about 70km south of Chania city. It is an isolated area, ideal for swimming. The islet near the coast, gives the impression of a lagoon.

Elafonisi is a long peninsula which is separated and creates a long beach and an islet opposite it. It has been included in the protected areas Natura, as it is full of dunes with sand lilies and cedars.

Also, Elafonisi is visited by the endangered turtles careta careta and many species of rare animals. It is strictly forbidden to cut plants or even get a bottle of sand with you.The peninsula forms beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, reminiscent of exotic Caribbean landscape.

The sand in many places is pink from the thousands of broken shells. At the point where it breaks the peninsula the water does not exceed 1 meter and creates a small lagoon, ideal for children. The east side of the beach, facing the lagoon, is organized and attracts many visitors. There are umbrellas, showers, lifeguard, cafeterias and changing rooms.

Also, behind the beach there is a huge area for parking. The beaches on both sides of the island are less crowded and more beautiful.

If you want to isolate yourself completely, or even do nudity, you can walk along the peninsula to find a cove that you like. In order to reach Elafonisi from Chania, we would recommend you to drive on the National Road towards Kissamos (Kasteli). About 1 km. before Kasteli, you turn right and follow the sign towards Topolia gorge and then, the signs towards Elafonisi.

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